Doesn't it make more sense to acknowledge and thank God for his creation rather than read the bible?

When are people going to realize that the bible was written by man and contains many flaws because of this. I mean at some one would think that you can not longer turn a blind toward this supposed word of God. You know the real word of God is his creation---the earth, the stars and planets and all that he has created. Remember that you didn't create yourself that God did, that is all you need not some book of fables known as the bible.


I can understand why some of you want to hold onto your dear superstitions it is much easier to live this way. Much of the bible is second hand accounts. If you approach it like a detective you will see this. Look at the heavens which is perfect now look at the bible which isn't

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    1 decade ago
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    If the CEO of a company tells his secretary to write a memo, does that invalidate the memo because it wasn't written by him directly?

    The Bible is God's memo to his ultimate creation - YOU.

    To thank God for his creation without reading his memo to you is like opening the gift without reading the card first.

    You don't know who sent it, nor how much they love and care for you.

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    1 decade ago

    I totally need the Bible it is my daily road map. Every time I pick it up and pray before reading God reveals something new to me. I truly believe it has no flaws and yes I know that God is the author he just used man to write it. Just like he is given people the words to proclaim the Gospel today. I could not imagine life without the Bible and God said the word is settled in heaven. I try everyday to live by the word, and I thank him for sending it to us to help guide us. If you want to believe that the Holy Bible is fables I am sure that you are not alone. But I believe everything that was recorded in it.God Bless you!

    I am not a detective I am a child of God. And yes reading the Bible makes everthing easier for me.

  • papa G
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    the flaws are in religion not the Bible.

    The Bible is like a beautiful puzzle, if you have all the right pieces. Satan, the father of the lie, has put in pieces that don’t belong in that beautiful picture, and because of this, the Bible is hard to understand. Example: The Bible portrays a beautiful picture of the resurrection hope. Satan, right from the beginning told Eve a lie that she will not die. That lie has made its way right down to our day, the immortal soul. If we have an immortal soul then we have no need of a resurrection. Now take that piece out and the picture comes clear. There are many more pieces that don’t belong in the Bible and till these pieces are taken out we cannot and will never understand the Bible.

  • It is true what you say but there are some who need the Bible. If you were able to view it without all of societies conditioning and with the understanding that it HAS been somewhat distorted through time than you would see that it is a mega-source of applicable spiritual info. It actualy does contain a pleathora of wisdom and postulating it as "some book of fables" is not serving who you proclaim too. Temper your views with patience and kindness and you will certianly win over those who you are seeking to help.

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    The bible was written by men inspired by God. The disciples wrote down their accounts of Jesus life. The old and new Testament is full of history that has been backed up by archaeologists and other means. I think it is important to thank God for his creation. But it does say in the Bible that, "Faith comes by hearing and HEARING by the word of God". I believe God wants us to read his word and be thankfull at the same time.

  • I think the question here is somewhat flawed. The Bible holds many great truths, and parables, NOT fables.

    But as you suggest, you cannot read it... Jesus gave man very simple rules to follow...Luke 10:26 "What is written in the Law?" he replied. "How do you read it?"

    27 He answered: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind' ; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'"

    Do these things, and you will be acknowledging and thanking God.

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