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My 8 month old terrier pound puppy will not potty train, any ideas?

He lived in a crate until we rescused him from the pound. We have tried all the methods suggested. He goes in his crate, then sits in it. We tried small room training, crate training, pad training. Is there any hope? He seems to do better if given the chance to go in and out of the house on his own. Other than the potty training, he seems quite smart, is fun and loving and seems to respect us. He knows the word no, drops things when asked to, comes when he is called. He could be the perfect dog! Except, this poopy, pee thing. Help! We want an inside dog, not one we are nervous to have around or one that has to spend his life in a kennel. Any ideas?

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    Keep trying. Being a terrier, sometimes it just takes longer to kick in. I would suggest some obedience classes. Also a lot of walks and outdoor exercise.

    Don't do paper or peepads, that'll really confuse him.

    Thank-you for adopting a pound puppy and saving a life.

    Source(s): Dog Rescue Director.
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    This poor thing has to be so confused by now he does not know up from down!!

    It is not even the dogs fault!!!

    If the dog is showing you it would rather go outside then why aren't you training the dog to go outside?????

    I trained my 6 1/2 week old Lab puppy to go potty outside in 3 1/2 weeks!!

    I first off would leave the dog leash on the front door knob!! I would watch my puppy and when she acted as if she were looking for something with her nose to the ground or going into the other room then I would pick her up.

    Yes, I would pick her up since she was small or she would get distracted and she would just go where ever she was at.

    I then would take her to the front door where I would put her leash on her. Then I would carry her outside and always put her down in the same place. That way she can smell where she had done her business before. I would walk around in a small area telling her to go pee or poop. After she was done I then would pick her up and bring her back in. I then would give her a treat and lots of praising!!

    I feed my puppy three times a day. I would wait for about 10-20 minutes after she ate then I would repeat the same process.

    I would watch when she would take a drink of water. When she did I would wait for about 10-20 minutes then repeat the same process.

    I have our puppy sleep with my husband and me that way when she would wake up at night I would know she would have to go potty. Repeating the same process.

    Potty training a dog take a long time and lots of patience!!!

    Yes, the dog will have accidents until he gets the idea and he will if you work hard with the dog.

    Do not yell or get upset with him. This will just make him nervous. Do not stick his nose in his mess either!!! That is a No NO !! He has had a ruff life as it is.

    I hate those plastic crates!!! If I were you I would go buy a kennel. Make sure you buy one big enough for the dog so he can have a bed and room enough to move around in.The dog will feel not so fenced in!! He will be able to see all around him. I would only put him in it when you need to leave or to calm him down. The kennel should be his safe place!!

    I am sure the crate brings back terrible memories to him.

    I have my kennel in my living room. I only use it when I have to leave the house. Since my dog is still a puppy for now I feel it is safer for her since she likes to chew on everything. She is 3 months old now. She will go to the door and sit there until I come to take her out. She has even brought the leash to me!! I am very proud of her for being so young!!

    I am home all day so that has helped a lot.

    I don't know if you work or not. What do you plan on the dog to do when he has to go potty while you are away?? It would be hard to train the dog to go outside then train him to go potty on a puppy pad in the kennel??? One thing at a time!!

    Once your dog gets potty trained and you know it will not chew on anything then you should be able to let the dog have the house to run in while you are gone. Once you get the dog trained well.

    Since your dog is still a puppy he should learn pretty fast!!

    Just give him time he will come around. He is still trying to build trust with you. He has trusted people before and gotten hurt. So just give him lots of time!!!

    Just try and remember what kind of life this poor dog has had so far. Give him lots of love and attention and he will pay you back with all the love he can give.

    Good Luck

    P.S. Don't forget the kennel I am sure it will make a difference!!

    Source(s): Experience with shelter dogs and house training them!!
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    It may be easier to train him on the paper before outside. After play or a meal just keep putting him on the paper until he does something. This may take a while but you should get there in the end. Once hes done it on the paper give him a treat and lots of "yeys" and a cuddle. Just ignore when he does it in the wrong place. I hope it work out for you.

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    pound puppys sometimes take longer to potty train as all they know is a crate or a cage. start with the basics. put your puppy on a realistic schedule that you are able to keep. in the morning directly outside take him to the same spot every morning, even if your yard is fenced in i would suggest taking him out on his leash till he does his busisness as young dogs tend to forget why they are out there and start to play. when you come in feed breakfast and a bowl of watr 20-30 minutes later out on the leash again. after the pup goes if you can let them play but if there inside they should be vrought outside everyhour. when you leave take them outside and let them relieve themselves then in the crate for safety. have you made the crate a comfy place he wants to hang out in not potty in? get him a "crate" toy or treat something he only gets when he is in the crate, try a kong that will keep him busy for awhile. then as soon as you get home take him out on his leash and wait with him until he goes. then let him play or have dinner whatever. when i potty train and its play time and i cant be watching because im doing dishes or taking care of my daughter i tether the puppy to me. that way they can lay where i am but if they start smelling around i know they need to go so out we go. alot of info i know but in the end you will get him potty trained.

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    get him on a schedule pay attention how long it takes him to go after eating. and take him out before then. if he still has accidents in the house take him out immediatley after words and he will eventually relate the two. also he might understand it but doesnt know how to tell u. my dog was that way eventually we payed very close attention to what he did before he went and then we learned and took him outside then.

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    They have pet classes that the puppy can go to and they can teach them potty training. I put my dogs through it and they are great dogs.

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    Check with the vet. He may have a medical problem.

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