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Has anybody had a dog live long when diagnosed with metastasize mammary carcinoma?

My lovely girl had a operation to remove a lump last week in her breast. She had not been ill at all and the lump was very small. We only noticed the problem as her teat started to bleed. I got her results two days ago and they say it is a metastasize mammary carcinoma. Bonnie is only five and was spayed when she was about 3 years. The operation has really been hard on her and us as she was so well before.My vet says it will travel to her lungs and theres nothing we can do.Please let me know if you have had this experience.I cant bear the thought of losing my girl.


I will let her go when im advised to. I would never let my girl suffer for me.Apart from being sore where she had the op she is fine. eating well and still wanting to go for walks.Even playing a little with her toys.Just have no idea how long she will be well for.

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    We have a yorkie that is still alive, but it hasn't been that long. She was used as a breeder and when she wouldn't get preganant anymore they dumped her and we got her. Yes they were breeding her and selling her pups with tumors bigger than her on her underbelly.

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    wow.....I'm sorry. I hope your furry little friend is ok.....I have never herd of this before but I just wanted to tell you to remain strong and to treat everyday as if it was her last and try to apend as much time with her as posible. that's what I would do.

    good luck!!

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