why did my computer suddenly reboot?

p4 2.4 1 gig ram, nvidia geforce 7600 gs... I was playing max payne 2 with max out everything(details).. then it suddenly rebooted, this also happened to me playing test drive unlimited.. but it never happens to me when playing nba live 07 or half life 2.. any thoughts?


will lowering down the details settings of the game prevent this from happening?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    many many reasons to why this happened.

    Could be a simple error. Could be a virus. Could be a system update thing. Could be overheating. Many many more...

    i would say it was just too much for the graphics card

  • bogert
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    4 years ago

    have your pc scanned with an as much as date antivirus utility, i desire to propose mcAfee for this. it is very obtainable that viruses brought about it. you stated that it confirmed no errors, so gadget or hardware driving force failiure is out of the undertaking. errors comments are generated and reccomedations are given if driving force faliures occured. comparable factor with the working gadget, if a considered necessary OS report is lost. what i'm seeing is an epidemic an infection.

  • 1 decade ago

    is that when playing the game the video card expected a error and in windows xp all they do is to reboot inmediately soy you dont see the blue screen but you can fix that by upgrading the drivers of your video card and directx

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