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Studying in Japan?

Hi, I'm 17, coming up to 18, in 5th year in Sotland siting m highers and doing Advanced Highers next year. I'm interested in joining a progam like NOVA or the JET Program, however, both of these require a bachelors degree. I was wondering, if anyone knew a way that i could go across the Japan to do my bachelors degree?

thank you

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    To get into a Japanese Uinversity as a regular student you first have to pass ikkyuu (1st Level Japanese Proficiency Test) though some few will accept nikkyu (2nd Level). If you want to go as a Ryugakusei (Foreign Exchange Student) there are a number of language study programs through reputable Universities for a semester to a year in general, but not many degree programs without the qualifications mentioned above. I would start looking into the semester/year programs if your Japanese level isn't near fluency already (and there are tons of these), but you will probably have to get your degree from a non-Japanese University.

    However, even if it is just for a year or semester it will still help your JET candidacy emmensely. (I advise staying away from NOVA though. They treat their native speaking teachers like indentured servants. JET is a MUCH better deal.)

    Source(s): Yamagata JET, ALT 1999-2002 JET Recruiter 2002-2005 JET Program Candidate Interviewer 2002, 2003 About to start 6th year living in Japan
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