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How long after being with a new girlfriend before you can stop stifling farts and let them rip?

I have a new girlfriend and when I'm in the car and need to fart I hold it in, then when she leaves I let a out an almighty roar from my cake hole. How long should I be with her before I just let the heated air biscuits out in the open?

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    I say just let it rip all the time. Dont wait. Some girls like it. And who really cares what she thinks cause you may not stay together very long and it would have been time wasted.

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    Depends if you want to marry her or get rip of her.

    You can let it out after you are married or if when you want to get rip of her.

    Girls want their man to be like a movie star.

    So, just play along for now until you are married.

    Once both of you are married, everything will show up.

    I suggest couples to live together for a year before getting marry.

    This way, you will find out if she is what you wanted and expect.

    Don't get marry if she get's mad when ever you say or do some little things wrong.

    A spouse should be a friend, not a boss.

    Don't have a child, until you are 100% sure she is a friend for life.

    Having a child will be hard to break up and start over.

    I'll be worst for the child.

    Good Luck.

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    This is the way my brother, his fiance and I look at it. You can relieve gas once you are comfortable around that person. It could be the first day or a month from when you started dating, it all depends on how comfortable you are around her. Its all natural happenings, just remember to excuse yourself after and try laughing after it mey help.

    If you are gonna do it, do it, just dont be rude about it. You could hurt yourself holding it all in all the time..

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    I try and let them fart first, but if all else fails, a good old fashioned Dutch oven will break the ice, and be funny as well. You can laugh about it, and then "accidentally" let another one slip and blame it on the laughter.

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    If I have been to respond to your question based strictly on your decision of descriptive words, i might say it in all threat would not matter besides, or that by using now i became specific she might desire to have some clues of your blatant vulgarity....yet(!) right here you're soliciting for ideal behaviors, and that tells me you're very youthful & additionally which you truly like this female & are worried approximately her reaction. even as some might permit you already know there is extra area out than in, interior the absense of omit Manners, i might desire to allow you already know which you may desire to in no way cease giving her this very undemanding appreciate! :)

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    believe it or not i know couples who have never heard each other pass gas....but all people have gas, yes even the girls who say they never 'fart', if you have gas and feel the need to, well let it out and don't make a big deal about it, you don't have to force it out and make a big loud display, it will pass on its own......(Also haven't you heard the joke....should i pass gas before my wife....answer sorry i didn't know it was her turn)

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    well id say after a few times u c her..

    it actually depends on how early u loosen up with her..

    after all its a natural roar..

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    Whatever you do, DO NOT do what my husband did!!! He let fly the second time we made love and there very nearly wasn't a third time!!!

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    Do it now....that way she knows what to expect...and if she accepts it then great she can join in too and if she gives you sh*t about it, well then just can her and find a new chick.

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    i really dont kno....i think maybe you should do you accidently and in the open first, not in a closed area like a car


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