What do I need to get started recycling cans, paper, & glass for money in Atlanta, GA?

I am trying to make a difference in the world. I want to be able to help others in any way I can. I thought recycling for money and then donating to various causes would be great because it's a two-fold idea. It helps others plus helps the earth as well. I have no idea how to start or where I need to go to turn the materials in for money. It seems like here where I live it's hard to find recycling resources vs. somewhere like California. Any amount of direction would be appreciated.

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    There are three things you need for a recycling business - a source of discarded materials, facilities in which to store and sort the recyclables, and outlets to which to sell the valuable materials and dispose of the valueless materials.

    The last step is the hardest part. Before you do anything else, you need to find scrap buyers who will give you money for the materials you collect. In my town, there are places to sell paper sorted by color, pasteboard and corrugated cardboard, and sorted scrap metals (aluminum, copper, brass, steel,etc.) If there are no places to sell any salvaged materials, there is no way to make money from salvaging them. In my town, there are no buyers of glass. There are buyers of bottle and jar glass in my state, but there are no plate glass buyers within hundreds of miles.

    One you have identified materials for which there are local buyers, and other materials which will be accepted for recycling by local agencies, you can set up a sorting facility and develop collection methods. The key is to acquire waste with high proportions of high value salvage, separate them out at low cost, and get them to the buyer at low cost, thus making a profit on the whole exercise. High volume is necessary because you will have lots of stuff left to throw away, and the cost of disposal must be more than covered by the income from sales.

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    Glass Recycling Atlanta

  • Really good idea, and you may find that people are more willing to recycle especially if it is a local cause that is benefiting or a range of local causes, this would be one way to spread the word too.

    You may be surprised how much cash can be made from the items people throw away, although I can not provide you with companies to contact I can provide you with a list of wholesale prices for paper, plastics, prices are per tonne;


    Aluminium Cans - $1580 (loose / loose and flattened) $1640 (baled or denisfied and strapped)

    Aluminium Foil - $500

    Other Forms Aluminium - $1000 - $2000

    Lead - $1600

    Steel Cans - $180

    Brass - $3200 - $4000

    Paper (Direct to Paper Mills)

    Cardboard - $120

    Newspaper - $130

    White Computer Paper - $260

    You may find exporting paper generates higher revenue (but possibly at environmental cost)


    Brown - $60, Green - $50, Clear - $66


    HDPE (PET Bottle Lids) - $400

    PET Bottles - $260

    I hope this has helped you on your decisions and will make sure you know what to expect. If your quanity is lower to scrap yards you should expect lower rates.

    In addition you will be preventing alot of pollution, for more information;


    Energy Saver



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    You will make a difference by recycling but making large amounts of money will take a long time in Ohio Aluminum only pays 50-70 cents a pound and paper, glass and tin don't usually pay anything. The best way to find a center is to contact the chamber of commerce or the yellow pages under Recycling. I'm not sure if I have been any help but good luck with this adventure. Using separate bins will help in the sorting process.

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    Good for you! We need more like you.

    I got started with nothing more than a garbage bag, picking up aluminum pop and beer cans and bottles along the road side. Look in your yellow pages under "recycling" for information on disposing (profitably) of these items.

    This limited project won't make you rich, but it will help the environment and beautify your community.

    Thank you for caring.

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    just start saving all of your bottles and cans and u can go to the local supermarket to get money for them. im not from ATL but in my area MA some liquir stores take bottles too! but the supermarkets are usually the best cause they have machines ready to go, u just put the can/bottle in. get a slip printed out when ur done, go to cust svc and get your $$$$


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