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What individuals are know for their great friendships?

I know there have been allot of people known for advocating love, tolerance and friendship, such as Ghandi, Buddha and Jesus. Additionally, there are stories of great romanticized lovers throughout history.

However, who has been known for being a great Friend?

Who has had a deep meaningful platonic relationship with another individual?

I would prefer real people from history or from your culture, but you can also name individuals from either fiction, mythology, stories, etc.

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    C'mon! what about Akshay Kumar & Bobby Deol in "DOSTI" &the most famous friends r "SANTA &BANTA"

  • What about Santa Anna or God or ummmm... ME IM IN HISTORY (jk jk) uhhh...there's always Eros and Demeter, and Persephone

    hope this helps

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