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URL problems?

Can any one please help?

Im am not able to type anything in the text boxs on the intenet.

Like in google when you want to type in a field to search for, i cannot type in anything, i cant even type in the box?

Any suggestions?


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    i try my best to answer your tricky question! please vote for me as i thought very much about it!

    you cant type in the box or anything the only way is you have to download or buy the other web browser such as firefox,opera,netscape etc.

    usually microsft internet explorer give problems so leave it

    the best way is download one of such browsers ( if it cant be downloaded from your current browser then try ares or limewire if you have that )

    next last way is to buy one of such softwares.

    Source(s): there is no other way of getting it right rather than formating your windows and install it again aslo i suggest you must try to re-intall your current browser! thank you please vote for me as i tried best to answer!
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