how does a person get a good job if they have a felony? is it legal for employers to ask if you have a felony?

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    Its legal Some firms need you to be bonded..Start off by checking temp agencys , A former employer needed all full time staff bonded. If a temp agency sent out someone we liked, we laid him off 2 days a month then rehired him

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    It is not common this would be asked verbally, but this question will more than likely be on the job application and you may be asked to sign off on a FACTA form. Once you sign off on it you give them the right to conduct a background check that normally can go back about 10 years (the search depends on the employer. Does he only want 5, 10, 20?). There are no legal restrictions that I ever heard of that restricts an employer from not investigating a persons criminal background with a signed authorization from the candidate as far back as he wishes to go. If you lie and you are hired once the background check report is received you can be terminated for lying on your application. Now legally they CANNOT refuse to hire you because you have a felony, but this also depends on the type of job and conviction or lets say you were honest about it and they still hired you. The criminal background check is received and they aren't too happy with the type of crime you committed. They can't turn around and fire you now. You would have grounds to sue.

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    It is not a standard questions ... something in what you said earlier in the interview made them think you spent time in prison for a long time. Is that right?

    If so, you volunteered the information and "what crime?" would be the natural next question.

    If you find it is unavoidable, add a letter of recommendation from a parol officer to quieten any concerns.

    If someone asks a question you don't like, try answering a different question.

    eg "So what did you do? It must have been a felony?"

    "Are you worried that I was a lier and a thief? If it makes you feel better, No, I was never a polititian or a bank manager ... hahaha"

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    There's a job for everyone. Even for convicted felons.

    You can get a job but it depends on the employer and their rules or company rules for hiring people.

    Yes, it is legal for employers to ask for your criminal background. They can even perform background checks online using subscription law softwares.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is legal and on most employment applications

  • 1 decade ago

    it's only legal to ask for the past 7 years i believe, and personally, I'd lie and say no anyway

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