password to control the computor administrator?

was lost or changed. As a parent how can I recover the password for the administrator. Might have been forgotton

I do not recognize the hint. Child might have changed.

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    1 decade ago
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    If you have admin rights in you login you can change the admin password from users in control panel. For this to do any good you then need to set all other users as non-admin and make sure your password is difficult to guess. If you do not have admin rights you should see the link below, otherwise there are programs you can download to burn to a boot disc and then clear the administrator password, you can then log in as administrator and and change it.

  • landin
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    4 years ago

    Try passwords you will have used, however with the caps lock on. This can occur, you've got caps lock on while you difference the password. Unfortunately it isn't feasible to recuperate a password, as this could make any safeguard at the laptop vain. You might must re-installl the method

  • 1 decade ago

    go on ur account properties on control pannel

    under change picture u can see change type

    go there and change ur account type to administrator

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