I need help applying for a job?

Hi I am 19, and with the exception of 2 weeks working as a janitor in a bakery (worst experience of my life) have no work experience. What are some good tips and places that I can apply, i really need a job badly. And NO i WILL NOT work at a damn fast food restaraunt. What types of places would hire someone like me? thank you


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**** no.

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    Since we're on the internet I will be forward and tell you that it is possible to work part-time from your computer. No lie. This is not a sales pitch just an introduction to you towards working online. You will not make much to start but you'll learn as you go. Consider it a long-term education while you're working at a temporary salaried job.

    The bulk of it is around information marketing, not 'get rich quick' and ridiculous claims. Those are mostly hypes which can get someone like you to click and buy without thinking. You'll empty out your pockets before you even build credit. Thus, they know your desperateness. You're hungry and have a desire to learn.

    You need to gather your facts, train on the field and solve problems along the way. There are mentors who can help you with this. This is quite a committed choice though and it seems, to start off, you can't just 'dive in' and earn. You need a bit of research to learn.

    I made a simple site which allows beginners and 'newbies' who are interested to learn, FREE. Check it out, let me know what you think.

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    Log in to and get lots of opening

    that will really help you.


    International Job Portal

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    security is pretie easy job to get

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    1 decade ago im sorry. I was joking...really.....

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