How to stay vertical in a swimming pool deepend.?

I've seen people standing in the deep end of swimming pool with head above the water. I'm still novice in swimming and would like to know the technique. I tried to cycle but I cant stay longer that way. Can anyone help me out with proper method.

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    you need to relax and breathe, if you don't you will definitly sink!!

    scull your hands, making a figure of 8 shape with each hand, keeping your elbows at about 90 degrees.

    your legs, can either do breaststroke kick, or egg beater

    egg beater gives a more stable base, as you don't get the bobbing up and down on breaststroke.

    esentially egg beater is alternative breaststroke legs, to make your self come higher out of the water you need to speed the motion up.

    hope this helps!!

    Source(s): played water polo for ages, swimming teacher and lifeguard!
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    5 years ago

    About 6 hours when I was 14.

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    there's a technique for that... my coach taught me that's called "water weaving" it's something you do so that you could have your head up high even if you can't touch the ground ..... you just push your feet up and down like your riding a bike.. with your hands going up and down like your dribbling a basketball in slow motion (push hard.).. and once in a while push the water downward to lift yourself up.... that should do it for the beginners.... but if you don't swim all the time then it could be a little tiring

    hope this helps


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    pretend to wash windows at ur sides (number eights) while doing breast stroke legs, that is my method, whichever stroke is easiest for you, do that leg stroke while moving your hands at ur sides, it should keep u up

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    1 decade ago

    well floating is something that comes naturally. if u r a fat *** like me ull float even wen u want to sink so u should be gratefull.....what i would give to sink!!!!

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