Is investing in Coca-Cola a good investment ?

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    My ex-husand used to work for Coca-Cola and we used to invest. He bought one stock per pay and although it didn't make us rich, we did make some return. Not anything huge, but it did make profit. Hope this helps at least a little.

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    Coca-Cola has a good track record of paying dividends and its stock has gone up a bit recently, however, the company has not executed well in the domestic market and has been slow in the non CSD sector. On the other hand, it has done well overseas and is particularly strong in China, a fast growing market.

    It is probably a good investment for long-term (5 years+), short-term, hard to say.

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    Yes. I drank some coca cola today so I know it's good.

    That's how Warren Buffet got rich. He bought shares of coke and still owns coke (KO) stocks from this day. I don't think he's ever going to get rid of it.

    Even Bill Gates likes the stuff. You can see him on this video scrounging for change just for a bottle.

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    I wouldn't be suprised if coke was used for marketing strategies for increasing profits at the 2008 Olympic games.

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    Coke is a great investment. Decent dividend and it is a product that the buyer/owner is aware of. Coke, like Disney, is a great way to get children/first time investors exposure to the market.

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    Absolutely, if you have the money to do it. Coca-Cola is the largest soft drink company in the world, it's bound to make you money

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    Yes, it is a good investment, just don't drink it.

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