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what is the most romantic movie song,& please tell where to get from?

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    Unchained Melody from ghost... I think it's one of the most romantic songs and the movie was great too! You can download it from internet. Don't forget to check out other versions of the song, sure you'll find something interesting... ;)

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    There are many classic films that are romantic. The Notebook is one of the favorites for many people. It is a good movie and well done. The last season is wonderful. When I say wonderful, I mean the meaning of both souls together in beyond this earth.

    Songs, this depends on how romantic you want ot get. Listen to some Barry White, wonderful voice.

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    I like *Aint No Sunshine When She's Gone* off the Notting Hill Movie Soundtrack and *Have a Little Faith In Me* by Jewel off the Phenomenon Soundtrack...i love the scene in the movie Phenomenon where Kyra Sedgwick is shaving John Travolta :)

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    Somewhere my love from the movie Doctor Zhivargo and you can buy it on Internet's Musica site

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