Will Sheffield be dumb enough to let Wigan win??

It seems that there are a fair few people who belive that Wigan and Sheffield should collude to ensure West Ham go down, due to the fact West Ham did not receive a points deduction. It seems that 3rd party ownership is a greater crime to them than match fixing.

But the question is, are Sheffield stupid enough to do it knowing West Ham could easily get a point at Old Trafford, given their recent form, and the fact that the game is meaningless to ManU.

Do you even think they have a right to want to do it, considering their poor form has more to do with their current status than anything else?

And what do you all think of the decision not to dock points??

(long question but I was on a roll)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I wouldn't rule it out as a possibility but it does not sound correct. Possible but not plausible. The chairman of sheffield united did state that should Wigan go down and would want to sue the Premier League Association, their board would be totally be backing Wigan. He even stated why not hire Dacid beckham illegally for a few matches to get points as all the club needs to do is to pay a fine? However, Sheiffield United is only against West Ham, and not really with Wigan. Sheffield United are still in danger of being relegated.That is should West Ham and Wigan win. I am sure that sheffield would not jeopardise there stay in the top flight just to get back at west ham.I really do feel that west ham should have been docked points (even though I wager that West Ham would survive the drop). Anyway, Alan Curbishley would have to face off with Alex Ferguson in the last day again. He lost to Manchester United while managing Charlton Atheletic, causing them to drop.....who know's it might happen again.....

  • 4 years ago

    rubbish. Why could he enable us to win? Did Mark Hughes enable us to win against Blackburn? Did Steve Coppell enable us to conquer interpreting this season? No... we are going to win if we play the better soccer on the day. i think of we are able to too - we've in no way gotten something under a win against Wigan Athletic in our history (and maximum of those video games have been against Liverpool previous-boy Paul Jewell)

  • 1 decade ago

    Nope. At the end of the day, all they are interested in is the financial repercussions on their own clubs.

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