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what is the most romantic scene in a movie with the most romantic lines that touched your heart & made u cry?

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    A Walk to remember.

    Warning: Spoilers ahead

    Wild boy falls in love with the preacher's daughter because there is something about her.. makes him want to be a better person. It's like she looks at life differently than most people. He finds out she has a list of things she wants to do and he systematically starts helping her fufill them (even "being in two places at once" very cute scene)

    But ten he finds out she's dying of cancer, doesn't have long. He also finds out that #1 on her list is to get married in the same church her parents married in. Also there is a specific comet she wants to see, which will require a bigger telescope. But her health gets worse and she goes to the hospital.. She manages to get in-home hospice care and come home, but she's very sick and weak. He builds the telescope for her and they both see the comet.

    Girl (looking through telescope)

    Boy: Do you love me?

    Girl (turns to face him and smiles big) Mmmmm

    Boy: Would you do something for me then?

    Girl: (weakly) anything.

    Boy: would you marry me?

    Girl: (Smiles with tears and reaches out to hug/kiss him)

    That is about the most romantic, make you wanna cry scene ever. It's so romantic because he cares for her so much that he's willing to become a widower at age 18 or 19 just to fufil her last wish and to be with her during her last months.

    There are a ton of romantic scenes in the movie.

    Ending narration by Boy right after the wedding.

    Boy: Jamie and I had a perfect summer together.. with more love than most people know in a lifetime. And then she went... with her unfailing faith. But her love is like the wind.. I can't see it, but I can feel it. (something she had told him about God's love)

    Such an awesome movie. MUCH better than the Notebook. The notebook was all about lust and calling it love (at least what they had when they were young). A Walk to Remember is about real love which is putting the other person above you, not about what THEY can give YOU (sex). I mean it was sweet that when they were old he would read the book to her so she would remember who he was.. whatever.. but when they were young it was all about sleeping together. So stupid. I hate when Hollywood confuses lust with real love (also hated that part of Titanic).

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    The movie "Somewhere in Time" with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve. Total Chick Flick and well worth the watch! The whole movie is a romance fest!!!! The most romantic movie I have ever seen.

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    The Brave One with jodie Foster , I thought of this movie for days after watching it . the movie had a great impact on me. . I don't see my self taking the law in my own hands , but I thought about how the police are so busy , and if they don't catch someone in the first 48 hours most of it goes to " cold case files " I will always remember the words she said as the movie ended , about never being able to go back , never being the same person again . " I cryed "

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    Say Anything. The scene where Loyd Dobler trembles after making love to the girl of his dreams really touches my romantic soul. The whole movie is just so romantic it will make you ache, even though Ione Skye definitely overacts.

    Diane Court: Are you shaking?

    Lloyd Dobler: No.

    Diane Court: You're shaking.

    Lloyd Dobler: I don't think so.

    Diane Court: You're cold.

    Lloyd Dobler: I don't think I am.

    Diane Court: Then why are you shaking?

    Lloyd Dobler: I don't know. I think I'm happy.

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    This is not actually movie but I've seen this in a manga...

    Hanayori Dango:

    San Cai says: We better give up. This is not working anymore.

    Dao MIng Sz says: Why giving up? If I can give up, I already did when we first broke up. I am not even thinking about it.

    San Cai says: I got it.

    And San Cai waited for Dau Ming Sz to be released by the evil man.

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    probably a walk to remember...she had her list of things she wanted to do in her life and he remembered them and kept fulfilling them..the whole 2nd half of that movie made me cry..from where he asks the reverands permission to go on a date with her til the end i cried..gr88888 romantic movie

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    i'm a sensitive person, lots of movies made me cry, but i don't have a favourite, the best was titanic though, best break-up movie around

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    the last scene in ROMAN HOLIDAY where Audrey Hepburn tares at Gregory Peck in the palace

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    THE NOTEBOOK its the best love story!!! no matter how many times i watch it, it still makes me cry. its on TV in south australia tommorrow night. if not hire it you wont regret it!!

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    the wings of the dove.

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