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Why do men average higher IQ's, and SAT scores?

Men average approximately 4 points high on IQ tests worldwide, and approx. 35 points higher on the SAT. Even on the verbal section of the SAT, men scored 9 points high on average. Please, someone explain this to me.


Worldwide desribes IQ as I said.

Since your pulling your information countering what I said out of somewhere dark, here is the source for the Data:

Males have greater g: Sex differences in general mental ability from 100,000 17- to 18-year-olds on the Scholastic Assessment Teststar, open

Douglas N. Jacksona and J. Philippe Rushton

The University of Western Ontario, Canada

Received 29 August 2005; revised 17 February 2006; revised 11 March 2006. Available online 21 April 2006.

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    Men worldwide don't take the SAT! I know in Ireland for the Leaving Cert (the exam that qualifies you for graduation/college from secondary school) girls on average score higher than boys in every subject but maths.

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    Well, by way of many behavioral experiences, I inspiration it's glaring that the way in which guys and females suppose is fairly extraordinary and this quantities to the giant change within the IQ and the SAT ratings that you've recounted. Men do have larger IQ and choice-making competencies than females, at the same time females are proficient with extra persistence and creativity. :)

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    The tests are written by men and therefore skewed toward men, no matter what precautions they take to prevent that.

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