In Spider-Man 3 The Game for X Box 360 when you fight Kingpin.....?

How do you beat The Kingpin? I use Black Spideys special move whenever I get it but it takes forever to get cuz he blocks so much and you never can get a hit in and when he hits you its like you just got pounded by The Hulk. Is there a simpler way?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It took me awhile, but the easiest way is to stick on theceiling (he can't get you) pound the button to charge your rage. When it is full jump off the wall and rage up in slow mode. Then jump and pull him to you with your web and start beating him while he is in the air. Countinue until your rage is depleted, then repeat. It's is time consuming but I beat him both times (yes, you have to fight him again) without taking any damage.

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    King pin... idint i kill him in the punisher? any way. go and then you can find out :).

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