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Whats the best way to train for tae kwon do?

leg streches or something

if you could explain that would be very helpful

thanxs guys

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    the best way to train for TKD is leg excersises/stretching and cardio. if you've ever tried to throw a bunch of kicks like the ones in TKD then you'll know that it can exhaust you quickly. you need to have good cardio to build up your endurance. and do leg excersises to build your leg strength. however you shouldn't neglect you upper body either. and practice when ever you get a chance

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    Tae Kwon Do is the 'hardest' style of karate type of fighting.

    So in Tae Kwon Do spend hours and hours punching & kicking automobile tires chained to a wall.

    Spend hours in a gym pressing weights, lots of bench presses.

    Tae Kwon Do emphasizes 'demolition', so practice breaking boards, bricks,and tiles.

    By the time you are a second or third degree BLACK BELT in Tae Kwon Do you should be able to break your attackers face with a single punch. You should be able to punch your attackers arm or shin in two! You should be able to punch the punch or kick the kick with devastating results.

    Your fingers, 'spear hand' should be able to penetrate your attackers throat, eyes, or abdomen. You plunge your fingers through your attackers soft spots.

    Your knuckles and feet should have a nice slab of callous on them from all the automobile tire punching you have done. So you apply those same powerful punches and kicks to your attackers nose, shins, and forearms - *snap*.

    That is the best way to train for Tae Kwon Do!

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    lets see 1st you need to stretches ever muscle in your body. not just your legs you need to stretches ever day when you wake up at lest 30 min to 1 hour and before you go to class you need to stretches and you need to find a good school to go to and you need to go to class 2 to 5 days a week and you need to exercise 3 or 4 days a week like ruining 3 to 6 miles at a time, puss ups , chin ups jump rope, calf raise, dips,trunk curl,reverse trunk curl,squats,prone back raise on bench these are things you can do with no weights to get your body in shape and its good to do weight training but when you do weight training do high rep to build your endures so it wont slow you down and their tons of weight training you can do. and get a book on tae kwon do and study it ever day doesn't matter if you only study it for 15 min a day it will help your knowledge. and get a bag to practice your kicks and puching and go throw your Kata a few time a week and the main thing is your stretching to build your speed up and be able to throw your kicks the right way so work on your techies and form

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    That's a little bit vague, since how you train depends on your goals, time, and ability level, but there are some things that will help you in general:

    Leg stretches, as you mentioned, are important, along with stretching your back. (arms usually take care of themselves)

    I usually run through a set of back, hamstring, calf, and hip flexor stretches that we used at my old academies.

    That includes sitting down stretches (butterfly stretch, hurdler's stretch, etc) and standing stretches, like stretch kicks.

    Other kicks can also be used to stretch, but don't go full speed or force at first.

    Stretching is also a good time to focus and get your head in the right place for what you're going to be doing.

    A brief warm up before the stretches will help loosen your muscles a bit for it. After the stretches, you can start some basic hand and foot combinations to get your cardio up, varying the stances and techniques. You can increase repetitions to get a better work out, and watch your form carefully to set the proper techniques in your muscle memory.

    I would do at least 10 of a given stance/technique, then switch sides and do it again.

    Proper technique is both more effective for combat and generally puts less stress on your body, so it's the best of both worlds in that respect.

    A punching bag or something similar is great for training for both hand and foot techniques, and you can definitely get a good workout on one. Be careful to keep your form correct and your wrists and ankles tight to avoid damaging them from the bag resistance if you're hitting hard.

    On top of that, overall cardio (running, jump rope, etc) increases your stamina for sparring, pushups are good for upper body (of course, so is the gym, but that depends on your goals and accessibility), and leg workouts will increase your leg strength and speed, both of which are vital for taekwondo. You need strength for your techniques to count, but speed to land them.

    Hope that gets you off to a good start, good luck in your training!

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