does anyone know how i could download music/ring tones onto my phone for free?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    they could fee you. learn the severe-high quality print on the section. There are some loose internet pages and there are some that fee you. i do no longer choose any better rings tones on my telephone, as I chosen one that i ought to desire to stay with. extremely be careful, exceedingly if somebody else is paying the bill. Correction: optimal of them fee some factor. people who I looked up suggested that they are loose yet you would be charged an suggestions fee by potential of using your provider. The question is how plenty is your provider going to well worth you? The others that I searched suggested the fee ranged from .ninety 9 to $2.00 or there's a $9.ninety 9 month-to-month fee for various them and that i do no longer understand the cut back on the downloads.Sorry... ( I do in basic terms no longer choose you to be like my babies.They took earnings of their telephones they have been given from their dad. He have been given a $2000.00 telephone bill.)

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