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Do you that today( May 10th) is Fred Astaire's birthday?

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    FREDERICK AUSTERLITZ was born on May 10, 1899 in Omaha, Nebraska to Frederic E. Austerlitz, an Austrian immigrant and traveling salesman, and his wife Ann Geilus Austerlitz.

    Astaire made his final film appearance in GHOST STORY (1981) and died of pneumonia in Los Angeles, California on June 22, 1987 at the age of 88.

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    Thanks for reminding.

    But I think that Fred Astaire was not born on 10th may but he die on this date.

    John Wilkes Booth was born on 10th may.

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    No, but thanks for the info. He's my bf's idle!

    And part of my favorite quote (although I don't know the source):

    Ginger did everything that Fred did, but she did it backwards and in high heels!

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    It's Bono's (U2) birthday today too.

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    No, but I'm glad you told me. He was one of my favorites. Thanks!

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