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Which essential oils can help with feet?

Any essential or aromatic oils that can benefit foot joints or penetrate the body to help with well-being?

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    I would use Castor Oil. While it is not an "essential" oil persay it works wonders for joints and sprains and tendons. I would research Edgar Cayce and Castor Oil packs.

    I sprained my ankle once and the castor oil packs took all the pain away and I was back on my ankle in a day. It also works great on the neck and back.


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    Use essential oils always diluted in carrier oils. Essential oils beneficial to joints would be anything that's either stimulating or cooling, depending what effect you want.

    Good for circulation: bergamot, corriander, lemon, sage, bitter orange, thyme, black pepper, cypress, juniper, lavender, rosemary, ginger

    anti-inflammatory, cooling: (very low dilution!),

    My top oils for painful joints: corriander, cajupt and a drop of mint added if there is inflammation. Carrier oil: (depending also on skin condition) usually grapeseed or olive for added benefit.

    Source(s): Holistic therapist for many yeas incl. aromatherapy
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    You can also try some herbal washings:

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