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How do you decide if a complex load connected to a transmission line is capacitive or inductive?

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    The inductance of the line is a series element to load and capacitance is series element of load. If the line is short may be you can use L model, lumping capacitance at sending or receiving end.

    For medium length you can use pi model. half capacitance at sending end inductance and half capacitance at receiving end.

    For long transmission line you will have to use four port model of transmission line.

    However, for practical conditions, data are generally available as a thumb rule like - a 400 KV single circuit line generates reactive power = 0.55 MVAr/km, has inductance per phase of 0.4 ohm /km (for twin moose conductors)

    You can measure the power factor at receiving end. You can measure directly. However, at sending end you will have to calculate.

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