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anyone have a butt firming excercise i can do?

i can't afford excercise equipment right now so i'm looking for something i can do with out it.

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    Hey Kitty,

    First of all, the secret to having an appealing firm butt is, initially, losing the fat around it.

    Secondly, here are some great butt exercises. I wouldn't waste my time with little leg-lifts which some people might suggest, they're more of an aerobic exercise and won't build muscle (which is how you firm a muscle).

    I'd say the best exercise you can do without any equipment is a lung. Here's how you do it. Take a large step forward with one leg. Then, drop your back knee towards the floor, but do not let it touch. Make sure your forward knee does not go past the toes of that foot (this is bad for your knee). Then step forward and repeat on other side. For a more thorough explination search it on google.

    You want to feel fatigued by the 24th lung (12 for each leg). For some people just their body weight works first. For other people, you need extra weight. Put on a backpack and load it with books.

    Another simple thing you can do is skip a step when you walk up steps!

    Source(s): I have a B.S. in Exercise Science.
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    Do your bodyweight squats. Stand with legs shoulder width apart, and move your butt behind first while trying to keep your upper body as upright as possible. Drop til below parallel at knee level. Focus to squeeze your butt to come up. Bodyweight Lunges. Lunge a leg forward until the back leg is almost touching the floor. Move back to position, alternate with the other leg.

    Source(s): Certified Personal Trainer
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    take a seat squat on the floor on your butt. Legs prolonged forward earlier you, palms prolonged on the two area of your physique. save your palms flat on the floor. by making use of jacking your butt quickly off the floor making use of the palms, propel your self backwards approximately 4-5 ", and repeat this workout continuously, for 20 -30 minutes an afternoon. for this reason, you ought to circulate in opposite kit around the floor, flopping each and every time approximately 4-5" backwards. this could tone up your butt, the back of your thighs, and the hips, so as which you will have extra impregnable hips, butt, and thighs! it works!! attempt it as we talk!

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    Do about 50-60 squats a day

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    I got this move from Winsor Pilates, and it's working on my sagging butt: it's called "bicycle". Lay on your side, prop your head up with your hand. Lift your leg so it's parallel with the ground, and move it as you would be riding a bicycle. Do this in reverse as well, and then switch legs.

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    sit ups will really help

    do aroud 5 sets of sit ups(20 each)

    n u ll notice d difference in abt 10 days

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    A lot of sex with you on top.

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    1 decade ago

    climbing stairs.

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