how can i look smart?

i want to share my personality of being clever to other even when once they got to see can i do that without wearing eyeglasses and without looking mature-looking and nerd?

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    I don't know what exactly motivates your concern, so I am going to assume a few things here. The first thing I am going to assume is that by "clever" you DON'T mean sarcastic, witty, or smart-reared. To that end, I will tell you that intelligence oozes out & spills all over the place.... almost instantly as soon as you open your mouth, whether you are dressed in the old blue IBM suit with specs on or wearing a Minnie Mouse suit!

    Secondly, your question led me (briefly) down Memory Lane to a pre-maternal time in my life when I was quite a "looker". Even that is an understatement, but sufficient for providing a bit of history to establish my second assumption. I've always been told I was "highly intelligent', "extremely clever" & bravo as the story goes :) my point is that whoever noticed! Most couldn't get past how beautiful I was to ever have a simple, intelligent conversation! I must admit also, that I was sexy as all get up, so I had to dress down often to downplay my curves. Now that I think of it, my eldest inherited the curse as well... Anyhow, I've laid the groundwork to establish some basis for assuming you are exceptionally pretty, or sexy? and this has produced a first impression absent of any non-physical qualities(?) If this is the case, it gets easier as you get older & establish your "cleverness" in the community you live or work. You have my sympathy! Physical beauty is a blessing that often feels like a curse, but beyond shallow minds, inner beauty (intelligence, spirit,& a kind heart) will always prevail!

    Hope that helps & I wasn't too terribly far off the mark!

    Source(s): My life, April 1962-present :)
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    The truly query is...who considers it dorky or nerdy? I imply, if it is the bullies and the cliques then who cares. Usually those giving the difficult time approximately matters are those that can not achieve this factor within the first situation. Besides, the GEEK squad is enormous! You simply have not discovered the correct organization of individuals to hold with. Whatever your curiosity or interest, there's a global for that I warranty it. Trekkie's, Toy Collectors, Tarot Card title it--there is a convention, seminar, organization, chat, or board someplace. Seek out like minds so you'll be able to develop and flourish. And do not fear approximately the bullies and title-callers...they are going to most often quantity to not anything greater than adorns on a bar stool!

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    what kind of "clever"?

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