What is the best possible way to find the best doctor or most skilled doctor in your area. (Neurosurgean)?

I have had two lumbar discograms in the past 3 mnths. Both of them were unsuccessful. Infact I have more pain now in addition to the pain that I had the surgery for. I put complete faith in the two doctors that worked on me.But I'm getting suspicious now. I have been out of work now for 6 months and my wife is 7 months pregnant. I really need to find the best doctor out there who can fix me. The success rate for the type of surgeries I had was around 90%. After the first surgery I tried to work with a friend and after about 6 hours I was immobile from the pain in my lower legs and feet. Please help if you can!!!

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    Wow, what a dilemma you have. I can't believe the success rate was so high for the surgeons and you're having problems.

    If you know other people who have seen a Neurosurgeon ask what they thought of their doctors. Start questioning everyone you can about doctors. This may be one way to find them.

    The other is to telephone several hospitals in your area and ask who is the best surgeon in the hospital.

    if you can find a chat room, for disabled people because they are going to know a lot, on the internet for the area you live in, you could ask people about surgeons. many people are willing to help you in a chat room. You just have to find the right one.

    if you have any further questions please let me know,


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    I am shocked and sorry for your dilemma. Yours is the first horror story I have heard of re: discograms. Where the first 2 doctors Neurosurgeons? There are a couple of suggestions that I have for you. The first thing that I would do is visit the Patients Advocate in the hospital where your surgeries were performed. Explain to them your situation and ask of alternatives. They are there to satisfy your needs as well as do whats best for the hospital so you get maximum results from them, always. If you don't care for that option then maybe you would like to call the AMA (American Med. Assn.) in your area and ask for suggestions and/or referrals.

    I am again sorry for you to have gone through this, it never should have happened with such a minor neurological operation.

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    The problem might not be the doctors who worked on you, but unfortunately, you might just be one of the 10% who the surgery was not successful for. If I were in your situation, I would go to one of the teaching hospitals in your area (a University hospital) and get another opinion, or go to a larger city if you are in a smaller town. Sometimes it's worth travelling 2-3 hours for a 2nd opinion for something serious like that. With your wife's pregnancy, that is something to consider though, if you were to have a surgery out of town, that might be a problem, unless you were able to make sure you had another friend or relative around to help her out around the house.

    Best of luck.

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