Why would the body of incoming emails be blank?

My normal yahoo email account is not working correctly. I am able to receive email but it is blank when I open it. The header info is there but the body is not. I have a yellow error in the lower left screen - not sure what it means. It has the word "beta" in the error log so I am wondering if somehow my system picked up part of a beta verison. If so, how do I fix it? If possible, please send response to ladyluv123@hotmail.com since I can't read anything in yahoo.

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    1 decade ago
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    In the new Yahoo! Mail, you don’t do this with your browser anymore. Now, just change your

    character encoding setting right in Yahoo! Mail!

    Here’s how:

    In the toolbar, click More Actions and select Set Encodings.

    From the list that appears, select the encoding that matches the message’s content.

    Note: Only one character encoding set may be viewed at a time. And in this case, changing your

    browser’s encoding setting will not work.

    Or in the old Traditional = Select any email where the header information is displayed, but there

    is nothing in the

    "body" of the message where you would expect to find text, etc.

    Move your mouse to the area of the expected "body" of the message and right-click...on

    the menu that appears, click on "Encoding"...on the menu that appears, if "Auto Select"

    has a check mark, leave it as is...if not click "Auto Select"; then this menu will

    disappear...right click again in the "body" to cause the same menu to display again...then

    click on "Western European (Windows)"...you should now be able to view the "body" of

    all messages that you couldn't view before...obviously, if the problem somehow occurs

    again, do the same procedure described above again. I have no idea how or why these

    settings get "changed" or "corrupted" after everyday use, but apparently they sometimes


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