what is the punishment for traffic tickets in ur house


I got a tikcet for doubling the speed limit BUT DID NOT AS IN NI I DID NOT have the kid in the car it was me and only me so no i didnt endanger my child

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    1 decade ago
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    I am not Sandstorm. However,The punisment for my wife getting a speeding ticket is severe, she had one a while ago. I lit her rear up like the 4th of July. You may not had the child with you. But it is still a severe act of immautrity and it is very irresponisble. You could have killed yourself. Speed limits are inforced for a reason. I hope your husband teaches you a lesson. Honetsly it might be less severe if you come to him. I found my wifes in her car. I say your behing is as good as tanned, pick a switch and hand it to him along with the ticket. If you arehonets and submissive your husband will more and likely be less harsh. Especially if your mature enough to let him know you need punished, he should also take your keys and only allow you to drive if its necessary for like a week or so.If he alows you spending cash you should have to use it to pay your ticket my wife was amde to return her new clothes to pay for a ticket.

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    Have to pay for the ticket myself. Also, if there is an increase in the insurance have to pay for that too. Good luck

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    1 decade ago

    nothing there is no punishment i am an adult, i have only gotten one and me and my hubby laughed about it and when he got one it was caught on camera and we were able to view it online we really got a good laugh outta that one..still punishment again YOU ARE HIS WIFE NOT HIS CHILD!!!!!

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