do you need a special modem for xbox live?

i have an xbox 360 and want xbox live, do you have to have a certain kind of modem to hook up and if so, where can i get one?

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    You don't need any kind of special modem to play on Xbox live, that is, if you already have broadband internet(cable, DSL, T1, T3, anything but dial-up). If you already have broadband internet, then all you have to do is hook the ethernet cable coming out of your modem into your Xbox. If you don't have any kind of broadband internet you will have to get the service, as well as the modem and other hardware, to play on Xbox Live. Just find out who provides it (probably a cable or telephone company) and contact them. Whatever you do, please don't get dial-up and get a mod to play with it because it sucks for everbody who plays with you and you will lag so much you won't be able to play. If you do actually have broadband internet, and you have your modem hooked up to your computer, you will have to get a router or a wireless router to keep them both hooked up at the same time(this isn't always best because if you're on live and someone is on the internet it makes the internet slower and Xbox live lag.) If you get a wireless router, you have to buy a Networking adapter for your Xbox, and I would definitely go with the one specifically made by microsoft for the Xbox 360(it says Xbox 360 all over it). I hope all this helps. I didn't mean to act like you were stupid either, just in case you got that idea, I just didn't know how much you know about the subject.

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    Xbox Live Modem

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    You need a broadband internet connection like Cable or DSL.

    Get a router instead of a broadband modem. This way, you will be able to connect your PC and Xbox at the same time.

    However analogue modems will *not* work with Xbox.

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    Connecting your Xbox 360 console directly to your high-speed Internet modem is perfect for getting your system connected to Xbox Live.

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    "Play Xbox games online over the Internet with a high-speed connection. " And with a high speed internet connection you need the special modem that is provided with the service. So, I would say--Yes and at the cable company or phone company. What ever service you choose to sign up for, cable broadband or DSL, both are high speed connections.

    Hope this helps.

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