What is the purpose of ants ecologically?

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    Various species of ants have various roles. Most flowers are not pollinated by ants but many more than you might think are includiing violets and other memrecophytes.

    Since you were not specific on species the statements here are general.

    As a whole most ants are predatory and sit at the top of the terrestrial arthropod food web. This means they are the top land predator for creatures their size. This means they play an enormous role in cleaning up pest species. In some countries farming would be impossible without them.

    We out weigh ants by about a billion to one but since there are about a billion times as many ants as humans the total biomass is approximately the same. This means they are an important food source for insectivores.

    Ants disperse seeds, clean up carrion, and even helpp loosen soils.

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    There are thousands of species of ants, and

    they have many different functions (not purposes) ecologically. One that they do not

    have to any significant degree is pollination of

    flowers. Their secretions are inimical to pollen.

    Most flowers are pollinated by bees, flies,

    wasps, moths, birds or other animals.

    Some ants are carnivores, feeding largely on

    other insects, some are seed-eaters, some (the

    leafcutter ants) are even farmers, raising fungi

    on which they feed. This is just a small sample

    of their many ecological roles.

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    Most of the world's flowering plants are pollinated by ants. Not by flying insects as you might think. So, in that respect, they have a great purpose.

    On another level, they do not need a purpose. Existence is its own purpose, and need not be justified.

  • they also help aerate the soil, just like other diggers.

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