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is there something i can do/eat/drink/etc to stop my cravings?

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    What are your cravings? Try eating 3 meals a day - the most important one being breakfast, drink water instead of fizzy drinks.

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    When you crave something, is it mental or physical?

    Sometimes, even when you're full, all your body might want to do is continue eating. This is because your mind has not received the "message" from nerves that it's full yet. You could try smelling (no kidding) the food for around a minute or so before you start dining to "trick" your mind into thinking it has eaten.

    Because when you eat, your tastebuds as well as sense of smell helps to determine when or when not to stop.

    Luck with this.

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    well usually i'd just stay away from it, but my mom suggested 3 tips that worked for me,

    1. when you feel like your craving but want to avoid that craving satisfy yourself by eating something healthy. It may be fruits, salads, or plain crackers.

    2. Drink water!

    3. Brush your teeth.

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    Exercise. When you start exercising, you will tend to be more careful with what you eat. This is more psychological than physical. Keep a food log, so that you can keep track of what you eat. When you start looking at the log, you will realize that you can eat alot of healthier stuffs.

    Source(s): Certified Personal Trainer
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    Excercise and lots of water.

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