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republicans, who are you volunteering to support in the upcoming presidential election?

the idea of volunteering, while it is something that perhaps, we haven't seen the need for in our past is also, something that is of utmost importance at this time in our history. don't let the democrats win based solely on the volume of their voice - their usual means to victory.

now, is the time to find time to devote to our country.


candidates are looking for state coordinators, volunteers and the funds needed to take the whitehouse, RIGHT NOW.

i urge you to go to your favorite's website and pledge your support, RIGHT NOW.

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    I didn't vote for Bush in 00. but then when I found out how perfect of a president he is, I worked my but off in the hot Florida sun to to get him elected. If Newt Gingrich runs, and he wants help, I will help him. I don't think he would need it though, I think 80% of Americans who vote, would vote for him easily.

    That being said if a libertarian or green party candidate steps up I would work my but off to get them as many votes as possible. Hell Ross got 18% of the vote and put Bill the perjuring rapist in office.


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    As a guy who is generally conservative and who USED TO BE a Republican, I'll tell you what I'm looking for right now: .....

    I want a Republican who's running for President to acknowledge unequivocally that Bush should not have asked the federal courts for an injunction to stop the recounts in Florida (2000) and that even more importantly, the Supreme Court should not have granted Bush's request. If anyone like Ron Paul or Fred Thompson says that the Court's ruling in Bush v. Gore was a MAJOR screw-up, then I'll volunteer for their campaign.

    Republicans have got no business complaining about "judicial activism" while pretending that the Court did its job right in Bush v. Gore.

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    Fred Thompson. He will get in any day now and can clean the clocks of the morons in the Democrat field. He will handle the illegals, he supports the Fair Tax and is not going to be a pansy over Iraq.

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    Ron Paul!!!

    Lets get rid of the IRS, stop the illegal income tax, stop the nation building, stop the war in Iraq and stop big government!

    America needs a REAL conservative NOW!

    Stop basing your vote on party lines, and start looking at whats really good for America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1 decade ago

    Ron Paul 2008----- ur help is needed too

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    1 decade ago

    take the whitehouse ???? ----its already taken by a *****

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