All USA rivers flow into either the Atlantic, Pacific, Bering Sea or the Gulf of Mexico. Name 5 that do not?

The point is; All USA rivers eventually get to the ocean except for a few. Name all that you can that do not. Whoever names the most gets the kewpie doll!


Hey! Duked, those flow into the great lakes which eventually end up in the ocean.

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    Well now, that's a tough question!

    I think I know three. I found a couple more but can't seem to find a map that shows their names but here is what I've found.




    These are in Utah re:Salt Lake

    How about the San Pitch River and the Sevier R. around L. Sevier - also in Utah

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    Sandusky River in Ohio, Maumee River in Ohio, Portage river in Ohio, New River in West Virginia, Huron River in Michigan.

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