girls what do you want from me?

It has been really hard for me to step out of my comfort zone during my first year at college away from home. I have made some good friends but i haven't been able to meet many girls. I just get this feeling that they are all way out of my league or they won't like my sense of humor, etc. what are some ways I can get to know some girls. it seems like they all just look right through me. I'm not going to compromise who I am just to gain attention from them but what are some ways that I can meet girls that I can really get to know and that will really want get to know me?

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    Maybe its the fact that you can't step out of your comfort zone that drive girls away. Attempt to let your guard down and let them in and maybe they'll find something in you that they probably wouldn't have before. I'm also a college student and I know it is REALLY hard to develop close friendships and relationships but it can simply start from the classroom... introduce yourself, suggest a study date and go from never know what it might lead to !

    Good Luck!

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    Funny thing about that. I asked myself that question too. I still struggle too. I say, 1) be yourself and don't let other people tell you what you should do or think 2) be there and give comfort to person you adhore and love 3) call (not too many times, at least back and forth, by the way, who cares about cost of the txt messaging or overlimited minutes) because sometimes a girl doesn't like to one that calls all the times

    now, if these don't work, then i sometimes i wonder what's in the point of the relationship. I hope that helps.

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    Everyone has a chance with everyone, no body is to good for anyone else. Try joining a club at college, like an extra curricular activity, or if one of your other friends has a girlfriend ask him to ask her if she will introduce you to some of her friends. One last thing don't be affrayed of who you are if she doesn't like your sense of humor thats her loss and if you haven't got the same sense of humor you could still have other things in common.

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    You don't have to comprimise who you are.

    The thing girls love the most is confidence. If you ACT like you're the coolest thing around, girls will think you're the coolest thing around.

    Think of it this way, you're going to an out of state college, there are probably 10,000 people at your school, assuming 40%(atleast) are women, that means 4000 girls. Atleast ONE of those girls is gonna be just as big of a dork as you. So you made an idiot out of yourself in front of one girl, or even 10 girls, So what? You'll probably never see her again.

    It's important to take chances, coz you never know what you're missing out on.

    Just be yourself, that's the most important thing. Go to places where you're gonna meet girls with the same interests as you, (I.e. if you like soccer, go to girls soccer meets).

    And the most important thing, when talking to a girl, ALWAYS make it about them. They eat it up.

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    be yourself!! Real guys are the most attractive and guys with a sense of humor are HOT!

    That beign said, highlighting your good points never hurts, for example, if you work your torso alot try wearing singlet tops or shirts that show off your muscles.

    hope this helps!!

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    Be friends with them, get to know them, or try the Collect and select thing, that will help...

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