Can you get rid of crabs by shaving all your pubic hair?

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    Step One

    Treat the area with an insecticide solution formulated for pubic lice. You can purchase one over the counter or by prescription. Use according to the directions.


    Step Two

    Wash in hot water all linens, bedding, towels and clothing that may have come in contact with the pubic lice. Dry them in a hot dryer.


    Step Three

    Dry-clean infested items that cannot be machine-washed.


    Step Four

    Put non-machine-washable quilts and blankets inside a large trash bag and seal it tightly. Leave it sealed for at least 10 days. Pubic lice can survive for only 24 to 48 hours away from the body, but nits may take longer to hatch and then die.


    Step Five

    Inform your sexual partner and anyone who has shared any bedding or towels with you. They will need to be treated.

    Tips & Warnings

    * Shaving your pubic hair is not usually necessary, and that alone will not kill the pubic lice.

    * Crabs are annoying but are generally not dangerous, and are not carriers of other sexually transmitted diseases.

    * Avoid lotions containing lindane. These include products named GBH, Gamene, or Kwell. Check with your pharmacist to make sure your prescription is not for a lindane based product. The National Pediculosis Association strongly advises against using lindane because it has been associated with a number of serious medical condition, including seizures and possibly cancer.

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    while you're specific which you have them, they'd desire to be extremely trouble-free to do away with employing a lotion containing malathion which includes Derbac-M, Prioderm or Quellada. those are obtainable over the counter at chemists. you're able to word the answer to all furry areas, and go away it on for numerous hours, as much as twelve in case you are able to. then you definately rinse it off. that's repeated returned at approximately 14 days later to be certain each and all of the lice and eggs have been eradicated. keep in mind that pubic lice are sexually transmitted - you very nearly extremely caught this from a sexual companion. you're able to tell your companion approximately this and that they'd desire to get taken care of too - in any different case they are going to easily provide it returned to you returned.

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    Let me tell you a story about a dear friend who had those little critters and sort of decided to ignore them. This was the summer of 1968 and it was hot, my friend was extremely hairy, all over his body. Well, his situation had evolved to the point that they were all over his body, in his eyebrows and one afternoon he sort of "Snapped". We went into the bathroom and shaved every bit of hair off his body including his shoulder length hair. I bet he was in the bathroom for a couple hours. Anyway, when he finally emerged he was scrubbed clean and had clean cloths on. In about 5 days his littlle friends were back in numbers again. We went out drinking one night and got back to our place and Bob went out in the back yard and poured gasoline all over his body and sort of scrubbed it into his skin. It was around midnight and I was upstairs at our place and I could smell the gasoline coming through my window. I went down stairs and found Bob doing this gasoline bath. It simply blew my mind, Bob was a heavy smoker and well you get where I'm going. Anyway, nothing happed with the gasoline and Bob took a long hot shower with soap to scrubb off the gasoline and his little friends. They never came back although I must admit that Bobs skin looked like someone had dipped him in hot grease. Took a few weeks for his skin to heal up. My suggestion is simply buy some over the counter medication and be done with it..

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    if ya wanna get rid of them go to the doctors and get it sorted then soon u will be crab free

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    No... the buggers attach them to your skin. The best and easiest way to get rid of them is to use an Insect repellent

    Tabart is the BEST and it will not poison your Body.

    Pier - South Africa

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    1 decade ago

    Possibly, but it would be easy to miss an egg sac. Use a lice removal shampoo as well. Your pharmacist will recommend one.

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    nope, it'll look sexy, but you have to wash it with special shampoo to get rid of crabs

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    They are treated with the same stuff you use for head lice (nits). Use that stuff to wash your bed and clothes with and tell your sexual partners to do the same.

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    No. Get you some Rid.

    Source(s): nurse
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