I have not been able to read or send any mail on my account in the last three days. Why?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Many problems (blank email text, error on page, cannot send emails, etc.) can be resolved by following the cleanup steps below:

    1. Close all browser windows. 2. Open a new browser window. 3. Click on Tools at the top of your screen. 4. Click on the bottom choice - Internet Options. 5. On the Internet Options drop-down menu, go to the middle section titled Temporary Internet Files. 6. Delete all cookies (button in the middle) 7. Delete all temporary-files (button in the middle) - this step took about 3 minutes - patience! 8. Clear History (button on bottom right-hand corner) when done with all cleanups, click OK at the bottom of the Internet Options screen.

    This did work for me. Good luck!

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