do i let her know im interested?.....?

Theres this girl at work i like heaps, and everytime im near hear i get nervouse, i know she has some feelings towards me as she always looks in my direction, and is always smiling when she talks to me. Shes also real poilte to me. I kept thinking im shy, but im not, i can talk to anyone else(be it a girl or boy), and not have a nervous breakdown, but around her i get toungue tied etc....i think she prolly notcies this aswell, but do you think she thinks of me as a stupid shy guy who cant talk or what?....i can talk to her chickmate right next to her no worries which is really wierd!...somethnig really odd though is, sometimes, if i ask her a question, shell just nod her head up or down, with like a cute subtle smile?....whats this mean, can you girls relate to this?, i just want to know if she has feelings for me aswell, as i wnna take her out!.shes really shy aswell towards me, and is quiet, but around other people she can talk quite easily?girls help!


we always catch each other looking at one other, which she hasnt done as of recent?...maybe she thinks im not interested???she also doesnt respond to my emails aswell(which is the main reason that makes me think shes not interested!), sometimes a thanks would be nice........i got a feeling she might like me but has someone else(another boyfriend??), im from canada

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    1 decade ago
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    Well she might like you, but is as shy as you are, and maybe she is waiting for you to make the first move. you got to let her know that you are interested in her first, then ask her out. If she really likes you then she is going to be ready to go out with you once she knows that you like her. And you should know that if you don't get over your ''not able to talk around her'' problem then that just reduced your chances of having her, so you could start by saying hi, then smiling to her, and finally talk to her normally and ask her out...

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

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