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How can I get my perfume scent to last longer ?

I have really nice perfumes, but the scent always fades after a couple hours. What should I do to make it last longer ?

Thank you for your help :)

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    if there is one, you could purchase the perfumed moisterizer aswell and wear that while wearing the perfume.

    alternatively apply little amounts (emphasis on the little) to ur wrists, neck, clevage, backs of knees and fronts of elbows..

    these points of the body emit more heat therefore making the perfume smell and last longer.

  • u can try spraying the perfume on ur shirt or ur bra (if u're afraid of creating yellow stains on the shirt in the long run) so the frangrance will linger on the fabric.. it usually last longer than on skin..

    n try to test the perfume before buying it, cux some scent can stay longer on indiviual's skin but not others because of our body's natural chemical makeup..

  • Try and find a roll-on version of your perfume to freshen your scent during the day. Keep it in your purse or pocket and dab on your wrists and neck halfway during the day.

    Hope this helps.



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    dont spray perfume on your cloth,spray on your wrist,behind your knee,around your body and your hair.

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