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Thanks Bush. You've made us Laugh,at what you've said to the Queen and all the other things you say?

You are an inspiration. I tell you you are. Millions of people talk about you. when referring to wisdom, witty, thoughtfulness, full of philosophical words and thoughts. Nah just kidding you Bushy Balls. We tell our kids if you don't go to school. you will end up like you. Don't we? I bet the Queen is p!ssing her knickers with laughter. For many years over a Earl Grey Tea and a scone with cream.

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    I heard he was going on the comedy circuit after he retires from presidentcy. Hell, he's got a lot to fall back on. I'd pay just to laugh at him.

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    That was an absolutely hysterical scene! Maybe he will take David Letterman's job when he retires!

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