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What is it that makes me imagine that this is important?

Yahoo Answers ''team'', and or and other players, give me violations.

Yahoo deletes my e-mail account that I had had for more than 12 years, and all my old e-mail with it.

I get violation warnings, suspension warnings, suspensions, rude mail messages, mail from rude people, mail from sexy girls who think what I say is sexy, you name it they throw it at me.

But, something tells me, hey, this doesn't mean Jack Schitt. Why are they trying to convince me it does?

This is just like the so called points they either give you or take away from you, they don't mean Jack Schitt.

So what, I get canned, in five minutes I have another account and away we go again. I mean, hey, my mail has gone, right? I will never ever get it back, right? What do I have to lose? What else can they do to me?

Jack Schitt, right?

Is Yahoo Answers seriously trying to create an alternative universe where Jack Schitt actually means something?

Is this Junior High school Schitt?

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    Well, while I haven't a clue as to what could possibly make YOU "imagine that this is important," I can only attempt to answer your question by saying that it is important in the building of your online reputation. You see, to me, the points are a way to prove intelligence and self-worth, and the most embarrassing thing about being suspended is having someone click upon your face and see, "Oops -- the information you are looking for is not available," not to MENTION the humungus point deduction in your pop-up box which screams, "VIOLATOR, VIOLATOR, VIOLATOR!" times 100 or more.

    So if nothing else, it is important to follow the Community Guidelines because even if you don't have "important emails," your reputation is priceless! To this day, I hang my head in shame over the first violation I ever received because I'll just never get over that gut-piercing feeling of, "GASP! Oh, no! I have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of their Community Guidelines, thus forcing them to delete it! I must be a horrible person!" And for this reason, I try to follow the rules to the best of my ability, so yes, it DOES matter. In fact, it matters a lot!

    Source(s): It is best not to use Yahoo! Answers unless you follow these:
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    There is something seriously wrong... i guess lesso learned use google for mail..and come to yahoo and do what ever you can start over

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    some people just take it way to serious like jack *** above me talking about getting an Internet reputation you have got to be kidding me.

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