Jesus and his many portraits.?

I've seen many pictures of what Jesus looks like or may of looked like but in the bible he always seems to have been beaten to a near death. If people hated him so much why does he look so clean in his pictures? Wouldn't it be more reasonable to have a picture of a man with black eyes and patches of hair ripped out of his scalp? That's the message I get from the bible and all the Christians I meet. Who decided to give him the clean shaven, never get dirty man he wasn't? Or is it too graphic to draw him like he is supposed to look?

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    Some of those who saw 'The Passion' complained that it was too graphic and yet if anything it was probably understated. I'm not convinced that likenesses of Christ need necessarily be exact in every graphic detail.

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  • Ivan S
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    I like the one where he is playing poker with the dogs.

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