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i have no offensive motive , is voodoo a religion or just a cult and is it evil if u ask them to cast a spell?

if i ask a voodod master to cast a white magic spell for me the increase my luck and my money business luck , is it evil or will i have sin

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    Vodou is religion. It is not a magical system. This is not to say that magic is not practice. It is usually done with the help of the lwa. The lwa are spirits similar to saints or angels. Vodou believes in one God called Bondye. We honor our ancestors for there continuance of the bloodline.

    Of you ask for magic to be done on your behalf then it is possible. But you need to contact a Mambo or Hougan, they are the priests in the religion. Except to pay for the services also. There is not central dioceses in vodou so each priests must be compensated for their time and service.

    As to whether it is a sin. Well that will be up to you to determine that. If you are Christian and you think vodou is wrong and evil then you may think it is a sin. If you are open minded and understand that vodou is not evil then you will be fine. I practice the religion and I have not seen anything evil come from it.

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    Only you can answer. Religion is mans fallacy, at least Voodoo tries to practice what it preaches.

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