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Pet thats right 4 me?

i need/want a pet that is like this;

doesn't stink

lives in a cage/tank

is not a fish

doesn't need more than 10 mins of daily work plus 1 hour of weekly/monthy work

is not a rat

can be brought in vic, aus

also tips 4 these


not interested in birds either.

i hate seeing birds in cages

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    You can get a pet gerbil. They can live in a colony of all males. They're adorable and do not smell at all. Their pee smells like dry hay so you won't have to wash them out as often as you would have to for a pet hamster or mouse. They never bite.

    They are tame and ready to play when you want or they can keep themselves company, making burrows or tunneling around. They look like little kangaroos. Have huge adorable black eyes and come in many interesting colours.

    They are very hardworking little critters and love chewing on boxes and toys. They also have cute habits like standing on their hind legs to watch for danger and thumping their feet on the ground if they thing there's trouble.

    I've had a ton of pets all my life and gerbils are the best small mammal pet, hands down. Once you have them, you're hooked for life.

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    Hmm... you may try looking into getting an aviary of finches or something.

    The aviary looks nice in a garden or can look beautiful inside somewhere. Finches are happy with each other's company and are not tame so they do not require you to handle them for hours every day (like a parrot).

    Plus finches come in reds, purples, yellows, blues, greens, oranges...


    Change the newspaper and water everyday, clean the perches and containers weekly, and the aviary will not stink. It may require a big clean out a couple of times a year, depending on how it is set-up.


    If indoors, there are some beautiful aviary designs such as one like this:


    Each day you may need some time to prepare food for the finches. They cannot just eat seed. You may decide to feed them pellets, and give them vegetables and fruits among other foods.

    Plus the work I already mentioned above.


    There are many places that you can buy finches - breeders, pet stores, etc all over Victoria.

    Just a suggestion, as a more interative pet will certainly need more than 10 minutes with you everyday (unless you buy him a buddy). :)

    Source(s): I'm a finch and other birds owner in Victoria, Aus My favourite finches are gouldian finch, star finch, zebra finch, society finch, cordon bleu, and red headed parrot finch
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    Your question is impossible to answer without putting an animal in danger. If you only want to spend 10mins of a day with it, you shouldn't be getting an animal at all. The only animal that can require less than 10mins a day is a fish, and thats iffy too because of water changes, filter problems, and the possibility of sick fish.

    Trust me, unless you want to get a madagascar hissing cockroach, every animal you buy is going to take more than 10mins of your time a day.

    Unless you plan to give more time to your animals, I suggest you dont get any. Be responsible before you get the pet, not after.

    Source(s): 17 yrs taking care of pets,
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    well basically your only choices are a snake or fish. lizards need to eat bugs and sometimes mice so their food sources tend to smell if you have to keep them on hand all the time. which you will unless you have a near by pet store that carries them constantly.

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    None, your not ready nor perhaps have the time for any pet I know of.

    Source(s): Small animal rescuer and owner/caregiver to 93 pets.
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