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Can i support him?

Im a girl of 19 and my brothers are 21 and 26. They both wrestle once in two weeks and i got to see it as i like it very much specially to see my younger brother who is very close to me. I like him more than my eldest and im an ardent supporter and i cheer him up with my friends everytime he fights his opponents in the ring. Once he fought with my boyfriend and even then I cheered for him. Actually he has met my eldest several times in the ring and everytime he met him I supported the younger one and I even got a complaint from my parents that my eldest is disappointed about it. Now comes the problem of cheering for my favorite brother in the final match which will determine the champion. I like if my younger brother becomes the I like to cheer for him but at the same time my jealous eldest brother will be upset too...what shall I do? Last night he seemed very upset when I advised my favorite about winning the game. Later we watched TV seated closely & he got upset again!

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    Think how you would feel if it was you in that ring with a sister and your brothers were rooting for the other sister and not you. It would hurt bad. You need to think about how others feel and not just yourself. Root for both whenever each scores some kind of small victory. Tell them before hand you will be rooting for each of them and feel proud of both no matter who wins.

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