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Would Riley or Jordan or Peyton be too boy-ish for a girl's name? I like them.?

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    Riley and Jordan are quite common these days.

    Jordan makes me think of that huge chested woman from Australia though.

    Peyton sounds nice, but with such a popular athlete (Peyton Manning) with the same name it's quite masculine.

    If you are looking for more unisex names I added a link to a site for you that has a pretty good list of common ones.

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    I think Riley is definatel boyish. Peyton is a bit of both but could be more girlish if it were Payton? I LOVE Jordan for a girl and although it can also be a boys name, I would love to name a daughter that.

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    I love Jordan, shortened to Jordy. Peyton is different and I can imagine a really stunning, confident young woman being called it. And I know a couple called Ryan and Kylie who called their daughter Riley, and they didn't even get the connection until i congratulated them on being so creative!

    Also just to clarify something someone said earlier, Jordan with the big melons is actually from Britain. It's bad enough in Australia that we have to claim Peter Andre, so I just wanted to clear that up for tourism's sake. People might stop coming here for holidays if they think they're both from here!!!!

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    Jordan and Riley is kinda boyish, Peyton is good for a girl.

    Source(s): One Tree Hill there is a girl named Peyton
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    I don't think any of them are "too boyish". I teach in a middle school and there is a HUGE variety of unisex names. Actually my oldest daughter is named Austin Lynelle and my youngest (well I am 23 weeks preg.) will be named Jayden Lyn. I also have a neice named Peyton Grace. AND my daughter Victoria's best friends name is Jordan!I think they are just lovely... I especially like Riley!

    Source(s): Just my opinion... and experience with having a daughter with a "not typically a girl name" lol
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    I also agree that Jordan is the best fit of the 3 mentioned names for a girl. Looking at names that can be named for girls & boys, I love Toni or Tony and also Jerry or Gerry.

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    RILEY: I don't think it's too "boyish." I think it's cute for a girl!! I was thinking of it for my little girl. =)

    JORDAN: I know soo many little girls named Jordan... I think it's becoming more common for a little girl rather than a boy, actually! lol

    PEYTON: This is becoming increasingly popular for little girls, from what I've seen. I'm not fond of it for a girl -- always struck me as a boy name.

    Cute names! Good luck!

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    love the names they do not sound too male but rather very femine, i love them and yoru girl will be happy with any of them god knows i would love to be named any of them.

    i like jordan riley, peyton jordan

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    jordan is my sons name and i absolutely love it for a girls name aswell. im telling u now that "jordans" are so very special. i dont know what it is in the name but im sure it does something to the child/person called it. all the jordans i have known have been down to earth and sensitive people. Jordan is a great name, goodluck on your choice

  • actually i know a girl named jordan riley thats her first and middle name

    but if u had to pick one i would go with jordan and make her different and spell it jorden

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