Lets say we have a 70amp car alternator. How many rmps does the alternator rotor need to acheive to get 70amps

I am not asking about engine rmp but rather the rmp of the rotor of the alternator. How many rmps would it take to acheive full capacity output (70amps) in a typical car alternator?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    common automotive alternators typically would have to rotate at 3000 + rpm to produce full power.

    you can find specs and data sheets on the www

  • lare
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    1 decade ago

    unlike a generator, the car alternator delivers charge current based solely on the field excitation which is controlled either by an external or internal regulator. these regulators are set by the manufacture so as to limit amps at low rpms to keep from stalling the engine. if engine stalling were not a problem, the alternator can be controlled to provide full current at any rpm, but it would take a customized controller.

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