Is she playing games?


I met a girl over the internet in yahoo personals and we are together for two months now. We go out, she cooks dinner for me at her house she even gave me a present for my birthday

She wants me also to meet her parents

I deleted my profile on yahoo personals and then after 2 days she deleted her profile too.

My worry is that I found another profile of her at match .com

Even if that profile says -Active over 3 weeks ago- and almost 3 weeks ago we deleted our profiles on yahoo personals I do worry.

What should I do? Shall I talk to her? How can I deal with this.

She told me though that she had other profiles too.

I made this search at because she told me that she was there too and I wanted to make sure

I need some advice please

Thank you

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  • Akai
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    1 decade ago
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    I don't think she's playing games with you.

    She has told you the truth about her profile in and if she really want to play games, she wouldn't tell you about it.

    You have found each other and that is a great joy. Don't ruin it by being suspicious of her or insecure of the relationship you have with her.

    She probably doesn't even remember she had that profile anymore or doesn't think it's important as she's active over 3 weeks ago.

    If this bother you so much and you can't shake it off, it's better to talk to her about it. Don't put it aside as if it doesn't matter when actually it's killing you inside to know what's up with her.

    Talk to her casually, don't accuse her, don't show that you're bothered about this, make her talk openly to you. Your relationship is new and you need to build trust in it. Communication is the only way to do it, so talk to her about it.

    If she doesn't think it's a big deal, then don't make it a big deal. She wants you to meet her parents, that won't happen if she's playing games with you. So relax, I think she's really into you.

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