do i want to get out?

My boyfriend has been getting on my nerves lately. the way he talks, dresses, acts around his friends, I even hate the way he talks twards me now. It's like I some kind of a child to him. Oh and I am two weeks late if you know what i mean and didnt even realize it untill i was explaining to my neibor that i have had the hic-ups for the past two days she said "your pregnant" since when does pregnancy give you hic-ups? and i dont even want to tell him. do you think i want to get out?

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    Something has happened to him, find out, don't guess. Talk to him. Men is from Mars, and Women is somewhere else....

    Maybe he is taking you for granted, maybe he doesn't know how to express.. talk to him, chose a time when both of you will be most relaxed, a place to be, cafe or what....

    If you are pregnant, tell him (maybe after the chat), he is also responsible. He has a right to know. To keep it or not, depends on both of you. Do not rush into any rash decision.

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    First thing is first, get a pregnancy test done. You should not what you are dealing with before speaking with your BF. The results of that test can change you whole existance so I would take it a little more seriously if I were you.

    Secondly you feel this way about your bf because he isn't for you, you must move on and find someone that will make you happy.

    But you should really speak with someone closer to your situation that you can trust

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    You could be pregnant and the hormones are making you over sensitive. Take a test. Many poor men have to put up with a mad partner until the baby is born and then life returns to normal.

    If you're not pregnant and this is genuinely how you feel, move on.

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    nice question...

    but honestly, only you can answer and make yourself follow the answer, we can only give you some opinions...

    1. take the pregnancy test... if you are positive, then try to reflect, do you want to bring up the child by yourself or you need your bf to raise it up. If you want all by yourself, then you know the answer already.

    2. But if you want your bf to help you with the child, then better talk to him and be honest with what you feel and both of you should help to make the relationship work.

    3. But if you agree that it won't work out at all, then... you might as well get out of the relationship altogether.

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    Only u know the answer. Maybe you are just spending too much time with him and need a break. Sometimes when u have been with someone for a long time u get bored. It's only natural to lose interest.

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    1 decade ago

    See a doctor or go to the clinic maybe it is not to late to help yourself. See what the results are. Bringing up a baby with an immature boyfriend is not good for this baby that did not ask for your drama or his.

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    take it one at a time

    first of all you should considere break up

    you'll be better off without him

    and second wait another week at most and go get a test and see what's wrong

    and if you're pregnat, you know what to do...

    and start over fresh and reconsider the priorities in life like school and job and good friends

    you'll be ok

    you'll get over everything!!!

    hugs and kisses!

  • even if you dump him, which you have to decide if you love him, becareful with what you choose for the second choice.

    it may haunt you believe me.

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    well all i can say is that it sounds as thou you are over him and have outgrow him so if i was you i would break it off good luck.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes you sure do want to get out.

    Go on get

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