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請翻譯成英文, 做project用的, 十分謝謝~!!

有關今次的貨物失竊事件, 我們採用了P.E.S.T的方法嘗試去分析這次事情, 目的是想經過分析後大家對於這次的事情更加有了進一步的了解 和 希望可以日後避免有同類型的事件再次發生, 從中得以改善各種的推斷出來的漏洞。


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    In regarding to the Cargo Robbery incident, we have implemented P.E.S.T measure to analyse this particular incident.Basically, the purpose of this analysis is to offer each personnel a further insight over this incident.Hopefully,we could prevent this incident from happening again in the future so that we could improve every weaknesses from this incident.

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    These are our in-depth analysis as follow:以下是我們的分析明細

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    In the present cargo theft incident, we adopted the method P.E.S.T try to analyze this thing, The purpose is to read the analysis of this for you more things better understand and wish to avoid similar future the type of incident from happening again, been improved deduced from the various loopholes.

    以下是我們的分析明細:-The following is our analysis Details :

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    With regard to the lost cargo, we have used P.E.S.T. to try to analyze the whole event. Through the analysis, we can have a deeper understanding of this event in order to improve the deficiencies of our system. We hope that no similar event will be happened again in the future.

    Below is our anaylsis:

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